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Precast Buildings

Precast Buildings are Structurally very strong and durable that have the capacity to finish on time and under budget.

Precast Buildings in India | Affordable Houses | Structural Designing | Post Tensioning | Construction

We Design and Construct both RCC and Precast Buildings in India and Abroad using latest Construction Technology.  We successfully executed many Multi Story Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Temples, Precast Affordable Houses, Precast Retaining Walls, Precast Boundary Walls, Precast Toilets of superior quality.  We can adopt Precast Technology instead of conventional RCC Buildings as it manufactures at factory with better technical control.

We are also a Renowned Structural Consultant & Post Tensioning Consultant in India and Abroad. We have already completed thousands of Structural Engineering Projects.

Affordable Houses

We construct Precast Houses and Buildings, a cost-efficient, fast and sustainable building techn-ology for large housing projects that doesn’t compromise on quality. We can construct 1 BHK in less than 3 Lakhs  and 2 BHK in 7 Lakhs within 30 – 45 days, and even Bungalows also.


Boundary & Retaining Walls

We offer cost-effective Precast Concrete Retaining Walls and Boundary Walls suitable for landscaping and storage applications like Push Walls, Bay Walls, Grain Storage,  Flood and Landslide Prevention and Industrial and Farm House Boundary Walls.


Multi-Storey Buildings

We build stronger and durable multi-storey buildings in very economical way with time saving. We architecturally and structurally design and execute construction work of multi-storey building using precast technology. Using precast technology, the construction time can reduce drastically. 


Inverter Rooms, Toilets

We produce Inverter Rooms for Solar Companies and movable Guard Houses. Also We produce Low Cost, Low Maintenance Affordable Precast Toilets, Easy Installable  (Innovative Toilets for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan).  Each unit takes only 4-5 hours to get installed at site.

A 3 BHK Bungalow with Swimming Pool - Fully Constructed using in Precast in One Month

Precast Multi-Storey Building

Precast Building has its own unique set of strengths. Not only it is durable and versatile, it’s environment friendly and can significantly reduce construction time. Precast concrete is known for its high-quality and durability. Precast concrete will not catch fire, and it will prevent the spreading of fire from room to room.

Erection of Precast Building

Method of Construction

Whether you are designing commercial structures, residential structures, parking garages, bridges, or another type of structure, consider precast concrete as your building material of choice. High performance precast concrete inherently provides versatility, efficiency, and resiliency. We provide you best solution to construct precast building with best design, economical and fast way.

Typical Construction of Temple (Precast Domes)

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    Jaipur Precast® is the brand name of RGB Group. We design and construct buildings using latest technology like Post Tensioned Design, Precast Technolgy. We as a Structural Design Consultants in Jaipur and Construction Contractors, we design and construct buildings using Post Tensioning System in India and Abroad. Cost Effective and Safe Structures, Innovative Management, Latest Technology in Building Industry, Effective Structural Design with Latest World Class Software, Post Tensioning Design and Execution, Precast Building Construction. Managing Construction from Design to Execution. Solution provider for Erection, Fast Track Construction in impossible situation, innovative design alternative to ease issues.

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