Affordable Houses

Precast Affordable Houses

Precast Technology is suitable method to execute affordable housing projects. Precast Construction using modular and efficient eco-building system. To execute affordable housing projects, we can use precast affordable housing technology by that can save both time and money.

The Precast Methodology used in Jaipur Precast is different from the ones used by others in this field. The result is a much safer, faster product with same strength and quality.

Using Precast Technology, we can reduce construction expenses considerable to save money. Manufacturing modular components of buildings in factory and transporting to the construction site and assembling the same there in quick turnaround time.

We construct Precast Houses and Buildings, a cost-efficient, fast and sustainable building techn-ology for large housing projects that doesn’t compromise on quality. We can construct 1 BHK in less than 3 Lakhs  and 2 BHK in 7 Lakhs within 30 – 45 days, and even Bungalows also.


20 Farm Houses (same type) constructed using Precast Technology in Jaipur in 2.5 months time.

Precast Low Cost Houses

Precast Two BHK House at Rajasthan for Rajasthan Government

We have constructed two BHK house for Rajasthan Government using Precast Construction  Technology in just 10 days. The cost for the two BHK Precast Affordable House was only Rs. 4.00 Lakhs. The Project was inaugurated by Governor of Rajasthan.

Precast Bungalow


3 BHK Bugalow using Precast Technology at Ghaziabad

Architecturally & Structurally Designed and also Constructed this beautiful 3 BHK Residential Bungalow in three months using Precast Technology. Area of this construction is 2000 Sft.

Other Precast Buildings


2000 Sft Plush House in Chandigarh, Completed in 2 Months


Community Center in Precast

Precast Construction Methodology

We believe in creating homes based on understanding of consumer needs and preferences. Precast Construction Methodology has the following Edge over the Regular Buildings.

  • Can construct 2000 houses per month in mass level.
  • Construction at Far And Distant locations are possible.
  • Super fast Construction.
  • Highest Quality.
  • Rock Strong.
  • And Still Cost Effective.
  • Energy Efficient & Flexible Designs
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reduces Labor Costs
We provide value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process.
Precast Construction in India is growing in very fast to meet the lack of low cost housing in India.