Retrofitting of Structural Failure

Retrofitting of Structural Failure

Is your building showing signs of Structural Failure?  Like Cracks in Roofs or Cracks in Walls.  Or your floor is Sagging? Or Roof Plaster is peeling off and steel is getting visible from below? Or beams plaster is bursting and rusted steel is visible?  

If yes then immediately contact a Structural Design Team who has an expertise in this field.  If repaired in time then the progressive damage of the building can be arrested and the building can be made safe for several years.

Revamping of Structures

If you require to make structural changes to your building, for example removing of walls or columns, or require to make basements in existing structure, or make a projection from existing structure, then contact a Structural Design Team.  Revamping of existing structure, is guided by specific structural designers only who deal with this.  Jaipur Precast has sound knowledge to revamp your buildings, to design to repair building cracks, to rectify structural failure and sagging of slabs and beams.  

Retrofitting of Building
Retrofitting of Foundation of Running Factory

Strengthening of Existing Building for New Floors

Strengthening of Building – If you require your existing 4 storey building to be made safe for 8 storey, then again you need a guidance from a Structural Designer. We help to increase capacity of columns to take more floors.

Repair Building Cracks
Repairing of Foundation of a Building

Water Tank Designing on Old Buildings

For high rise buildings, now a days Fire Department requires some more amount of water to be stored at the roof top for use in fire fighting.  This additional load of water should not be just kept on the roof without a Structural Designer advice. Jaipur Precast well experienced in designing over head water tanks in old buildings also.

What we can do for you ?

Jaipur Precast has enough experienced professionals to repair Building cracks, rectify Structural Cracks, rectify Structural Failure, Structural Defects Repair, Fracture of Beam Column Slab, Sagging of Structure Repair, Sagging of Slabs, Sagging Beams, Splitting Columns, Weak Building Repair, Strengthening of Building. Headed by a celebrated Structural Designer, our company is doing such works since 1986. We provide cost effective and unique solutions to these complicated building issues.